Tandoori Lobster, Saag Paneer and Grilled Garlic Naan

Per my wife’s request… You can find the recipes here.

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The original plan was to go with a bottle of the Indra Kunindra – a stout with curry spices – from Ballast Point. But after just one sip, I knew that was a bad idea. So, I ended up grabbing the only other bottle of beer that happened to be in the fridge – Anadromous from Anchorage Brewing. The Indra Kunindra did go well with the salted caramels that I had for dessert…


Holy Saturday Shindig

Some of my wife’s family were in town, so we put on a big spread. For appetizers, I made the Rhubarb Salsa and served that with some Choriza Rioja from Olympic Provisions. For the main attraction, I made the Pernil al Horno with the Toro Bravo Aspraragus and some Roasted Purple, Red and Yellow New Potatoes with Romesco Sauce as well as some bread from little t baker.

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I wanted to go with all barrel aged beers for this meal, so I had a bottles of Saison Deuxième from De Garde Brewing, Oak Aged Bretta from Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales and The Beer Formerly Known As La Tache from The Ale Apothecary on hand.