Thai Mussels with Dồi Xá Chiên Tây Hồ Sausage, Asian Slaw and Sticky Rice

I usually do the Thai Mussels in the summer, but I couldn’t find the Olympic Provisions / Pok Pok Sai Ua Sausage. I eventually went the Olympic Provisions near where I work, and they told me that they stopped making it. But just recently, I found some of the Dồi Xá Chiên Tây Hồ Sausage that I used to use for this dish.

• • • • • • • • • •

I went with a bottle of Special Herbs – an ale brewed with lemongrass, sweet and bitter orange peels, hyssop and Sichuan peppercorns then aged in Ransom Old Tom Gin Barrels, Fantasia casks and a brandy cask – from Upright.


Carnitas, Elotes & Ensalada de Aguacate

I’ve been wanting to try out this Carnitas recipe for a while now. I figured it would be a good dish for our Labor Day party – along with ElotesEnsalada de Aguacate.

Unfortunately, I misread the recipe for the carnitas. Instead of four teaspoons of salt, I put four tablespoons. It was inedible…

• • • • • • • • • •

I decided to have the Bottleworks 18th Anniversary Beer – brewed with agave nectar and aged in Agave de Cortés Mezcal barrels – from The Ale Apothecary. And with dessert, I had the Three Wise Men – a blend of three different oatmeal stouts aged in Bourbon, Rum and Tequila barrels – from Fort George.

Fried Spanish Anchovies with Fennel & Lemon

I had originally planned to make Thai Mussels with Sai Ua Sausage, Asian Slaw and Sticky Rice but  Olympic Provisions stopped making Pok Pok‘s Sai Ua Sausage (and removed it from their website). I have not been able to find a suitable replacement and I haven’t seen Dồi Xá Chiên Tây Hồ Sausage in ages. I decided to make the Fried Spanish Anchovies with Fennel & Lemon instead since I had picked up some frozen anchovies at Providore Foods a while back. Unfortunately, this didn’t turn out as good as last time. Not sure if I’m going to make this again.

• • • • • • • • • •

I had pulled out my last bottle of The Commons [R.I.P.] and Wolves & People‘s collaboration Field’s Edge – which was brewed with.dandelion, honeysuckle and fir tips – last week, but we didn’t get around to drinking it. So I had it with this.