Jerk Chicken and Ensalada de Aguacate

The Jerk Chicken is from The Beeroness. I used Santiam‘s Pirate – a rum barrel aged stout with coconut – for the marinade. Ensalada de Aguacate is my attempt to replicate Pambiche‘s version. I took this recipe, but left out the chilies, and used this dressing instead.

• • • • • • • • • •

I decided to go with the Mad Meg Provision Ale from Jester King – solely because it had a pirate on the label…


Korean Fried Chicken and Kimchi Collard Greens with Bacon

This recipe – from Anthony Bourdain’s cookbook – hits both of my current culinary obsessions: Korean food and fried chicken. For my veggie, I did some collard greens in some of the leftover Heirloom Market Kimchi slaw sauce. I decided to add some bacon, because… Well, collards need some kind of pork in them – right?

There was supposed to be waffles… I decided that the perfect side dish would be to do a Buchujeon pancake, but to cook it in the waffle iron – but it just didn’t work. I’ll have to go back to R&D on that one…

• • • • • • • • • •

I went with a bottle of Éponyme – a wild ale conditioned on toasted Maple wood with a small amount of Maple syrup – from De Garde.

Aleppo Chicken Kebabs, Lemony Swiss Chard with Fried Olives, Capers & Garlic

With the warm weather, I thought this would be a good paring. You can find the recipe for the Aleppo Chicken Kebabs here and the recipe for the Lemony Swiss Chard with Fried Olives, Capers & Garlic here.

• • • • • • • • • •

I decided to go with two bottles of Clarabelle – a Gin barrel aged blonde farmhouse ale with peaches – that The Commons released last year.

Pollo Cordón Azul with Romesco (Version 2.0), Grilled Purple Asparagus and Fiddlehead Ferns with Parsley-Tarragon Chimichurri

Originally, I had planned to cook my usual Pollo Cordón Azul with Romesco and the Grilled Asparagus with Parsley-Tarragon Chimichurri. But when I went to the butcher counter at Sheridan’s, the chicken thighs were calling to me – mainly since they were already butterflied. I also decided to use purple asparagus and fiddlehead ferns since they are both in season – and it was also an excuse to buy a grilling basket I’ve had my eye on…

• • • • • • • • • •

I decided to go with a bottle of The Gray Tower from Holy Mountain.

Gochugaru Chicken Kebabs, Grilled Asparagus with Olives & Grilled Citrus

I decided to play around with two recipes that I have done many times. I basically followed the Aleppo Chicken Kebab recipe from Bon Appétit. But since my Aleppo pepper looks to be a bit past its prime, I thought I should try Gochugaru instead. For the side dish, I wanted to try a simplified version of the Toro Bravo Asparagus with Preserved Lemon, Fried Jambon & Olives dish. I just coated the asparagus with roasted garlic oil and grilled them with some cut lemons. When they were done, I just added to olives and squeezed the lemons on top.

• • • • • • • • • •

To drink, I went with my last bottle of Maybelle – a farmhouse ale aged in chardonnay barrels – from The Commons.

Tandoori Fried Chicken, Saag Paneer Mac and Indian Slaw

This was pretty much a total disaster…

On a recent trip to Atlanta, I discovered Tandoori Fried Chicken at a restaurant called Botiwalla. I knew I was going to have to try to figure out how to make it.

I marinated the chicken using the same marinade that I use for my Tandoori Lobster (which was originally a chicken recipe in the first place). I then followed Alton Brown’s Fried Chicken recipe for the cooking process.

As to what to serve with the chicken… I did a bit of research to find two more recipes where Southern cuisine had been re-routed thru South India: Saag Paneer Mac and Indian Slaw.

But things didn’t go as planned… The Saag Paneer Mac recipe is very poorly written. Things like, you know, measurements or the size of pan to use are pretty much non-existent. The Indian Slaw recipe was pretty straight forward, but I had forgotten one key ingredient: the Serrano chili. These two came out edible – although not very exciting. The chicken, on the other hand, did not.

I’m guessing it was the yogurt marinade. First, I did not have time to marinate the chicken the minimum 8 hours. But, since I did not completely remove the marinade off of the chicken before dredging in the flour – it started to burn almost immediately upon hitting the grease. I then put the chicken in a roasting pan and moved to the oven. Well, at this point the Saag Paneer Mac was getting cold and the chicken was not getting above an internal temperature of 180° – so I turned the oven to broil… The chicken, which was already burned on one side, now was completely black. It went straight in the trash.

• • • • • • • • • •

I decided to go with a bottle of The Conversion from Logsdon Farmhouse Ales – which exploded and went all over the already destroyed kitchen… Not a good night.