Smoked Pork Shoulder Bo Ssäm, Shigumchi Namool, Gamja Jorim

I wanted to try the Smoked Pork Shoulder Bo Ssäm again, but simplify it a bit. I decided not to make the Kimchi from scratch and I skipped the Deulkkae Chimichurri. This time, I wanted to try using a smoke box on the grill versus the kettle smoker. And instead of the Japgok and Pajeori, I made Shigumchi Namool – a spinach dish similar to the Japanese dish Spinach Gomaae – and Gamja Jorim – but using the cooking method of the Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes.

• • • • • • • • • •

I pullout two bottles of the Plum Bretta – a farmhouse ale aged in red wine barrels with Italian Plums – from The Commons.