Aleppo Chicken Kebabs, Harissa-Stewed Butternut Squash, Lemony Swiss Chard with Fried Olives, Capers & Garlic

Since I had some butternut squash and heavy cream leftover from Thanksgiving, I decided to make Toro Bravo‘s Harissa-Stewed Butternut Squash – which I thought would go well with Steven Raichlen‘s Aleppo Chicken Kebabs my wife had asked me to cook. And since you just have to have something green on the plate, I prepared the Lemony Swiss Chard with Fried Olives, Capers & Garlic as well

• • • • • • • • • •

To drink, I went with a bottle of Salmon  – a beer brewed with Salmonberries – from Propolis Brewing that I had picked up at Saraveza on my bike ride home on Friday.