Grilled Baby Romaine with Lamb Bacon, Runny Cheese, Fried Capers and Black Olive Cibatta

My wife was out of town – and had taken the car with her. So, I decided to make a challenge for myself: Ride my bike to the Portland Farmers Market at PSU, pick out all the ingredients needed to create a meal, then ride home and cook it. But there was way too much good stuff at the market – so I made two meals. Here is the first one…

This is basically the Grilled Romaine Salad that I made a while back. The lamb bacon – which I got from SuDan Farm – was a whim. I couldn’t find any crème fraîche or yogurt, so I picked up a runny stinky cheese called Pearl from Ancient Heritage Dairy. The Black Olive Cibatta – which I buttered and toasted on the grill – was from Pearl Bakery

• • • • • • • • • •

To drink… The day before, I had ridden my bike to Growlers Hawthorne to fill my growler with Fort George‘s Spruce Budd Ale – yet another beer to use spruce tips in place of hops.