Kielbasa and Collard Greens Soup


The original plan for the weekend, was to make Garbure Gersoise – a recipe I had seen in Saveur. I had already picked up most of the ingredients early in the week – except two crucial items: the cabbage and the duck confit. I had planned to pick up the duck confit at Chop on Friday, but that turned out to be impossible. So, I decided to go with some Olympic Provisions kielbasa instead. The decision to use collards greens instead of the cabbage was because the recipe reminded me of my grandmother’s collard green soup recipe.

I did make the chicken stock from scratch, using the leftover carcass from the roasted chicken I had cook two weeks prior. I followed this recipe from Alton Brown, but instead of filling the sink with ice water to cool the stock – I filled the sink with snow.

I needed some kind of bread to go with the soup, but wanted something frozen so that it wouldn’t be stale by the time I cooked it – two days after I bought it. Frozen garlic bread was my only option…

• • • • • • • • • •

And to drink: Montem from Propolis Brewing.