Corned Beef Hash with Swiss Cheese Cresent Rolls


The snow started coming down pretty heavy on Thursday. I knew I didn’t want to drive to work, but I also needed to hit the grocery store since I knew we were going to be snowed in all weekend. I quickly surveyed the frigde and freezer, and figured out what I needed – and what I could carry in one shopping bag since I was taking public transit to work.

The corned beef was left over from a few weeks back. I always cook way more than we can eat so that I can make corned beef hash later. I also had a red onion. All I needed to grab was a bag of hash browns and a thing of cresent rolls and some sliced swiss cheese.

For the corned beef hash, I sliced the red onion and grilled the slices on the gas grill. Then dice the onions and corned beef. Cook the hash browns as per the directions and add the onions and corned beef a few minutes before they are done.

For the cresent rolls, follow the directiosn on the package – just add a triangle of cheese inside before rolling up.