Fried Pigs’ Ears Salad

The idea came to me after reading that Beaker & Flask closed. That restaurant had fried pigs’ ears on their menu – and they were amazing. So now I needed to figure out how to do them myself. As for the salad part of the equation, that idea I stole from Levant – but I switched the pigs’ ears for the lamb bacon. Plus, I was looking for an excuse to get some pigs’ ears from Tail & Trotters.

For the fried pigs’ ears, I used this recipe from Serious Eats. I would recommend boiling the ears for at least 3 hours. Also. ignore that bit about getting the oil to 350° and just get your oil as hot as you can. Have a lid handy for the pot, because they’re going to spit oil everywhere. And as soon as you take the strips out of the oil, give them a heavy coat of sea salt.

As for the salad, I used some butter lettuce, shaved Easter egg radishes, shaved English cucumber and a Crème Fraîche Dill dressing (loosely based on this recipe) and topped the whole thing off with some thinly sliced chives.

I served this with “The Slab” from Little T Bakery with some Aleppo Honey Butter (another idea I stole from Levant. Use this recipe, and just substitute Aleppo for the cayenne). And I washed it down with a Logsdon Farms’ Kili Wit.